Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A little peek!!

Happy Wednesday friends! It's almost over, the week that is! Although I've never understood why Wednesday is the halfway point of the work week... last time I checked, 3 wasn't half of 5. {I mean I'm pretty crummy at math, but not that bad}. Maybe everyone means half way through the full week, which I guess it could be, but let's be real, we only count down the work week.
Enough of my random ramblings...food for thought people!
I wanted to show y'all a glimpse of what's been going on in Casa de Burton! I've lived in my home for 7 years this June, and for 7 years I've wanted to replace the carpet in the living room with hardwood flooring. Seeing as I'm not making money hand over fist, I resigned that I would have to go with wood laminate! They have come so far in the laminate world, you can't tell it's fake wood! So, for 7 years I've lusted over every wood floor I've seen. Any time we went to Lowe's or Sam's Club I'd have to check out the flooring and have my mom calculate how much it would be to do it. This year, I finally gave in and did it! I went through Carpet Giant and they were awesome! My mom being a realtor has lots of good connections when it come to this kind of stuff. So Julie came over with a bunch of samples and we spent a morning picking out which one I was going to put down. I was seriously so excited I could hardly contain myself.
They installed it the following Tuesday and while I'm still working on getting my living room put back together {See my 5 for FIVE this week, it's one of my goals!} I wanted to give y'all a peek of my new living room digs...but of course first I'll show y'all the before pics and then hopefully tomorrow I'll be back with the after!
Disregard the game of tag you see in the blur!
Again, my dogs think it's their mission to photobomb.
 Jackie wanted to make sure you could still see her!
In the process of moving all my crap out of the living room I also got to clean out my magazines...true life: I hoard mags.
 Taking off the baseboards...sorry 'bout the nastiness of myself...hey demolition is dirty work!

Daddy was a big help!

The end! All my baseboards ripped off. I had high hopes of keeping them in one piece and re-using them...ha! is all I have to say to that!
Check back tomorrow for the finished product! This promise will help me cross off at least ONE of my goals!!

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