Monday, August 10, 2015

Welp, here I am again...and with another new job.

Who am I? I have NEVER changed jobs this much EVER! And had you asked me last year if I thought I'd be back in another new job within a six month period I'd had laughed in your face. I was just *positive* working in a concussion clinic was where I was meant to be! Hi...nice to meet you, I was wrong.
I'm sure somewhere in an earlier post I made a very BOLD (<= see what I did there?) statement that I would never ever go back to Athletic Training, let alone in a high school setting. So first I go back to Athletic Training, in a clinical setting...and while I enjoyed it, there was still something missing, plus I didn't feel like I was really being heard when I voiced my opinions. Deep down I knew what I needed to do, but I kept pushing the thought away and would basically tell God, "no thank you". Ha! Just an fyi, He doesn't really go for that!
So here I am, the first ever, and only Athletic Trainer at a small 3A high school 30 minutes southwest of Fort Worth. The job was originally presented to me in April a week after I had started at the concussion clinic. I told the doctor who approached me that I would love to but I JUST started a new job. Thankfully the job was still open three months later (totally God, y'all). I interviewed and got the job.
I started last week, and let me tell you, it's different. Small town, small school, but big kids hahaha! So, yes, I'm back on the field, sweating like a crazy person (we've had 12 days of above 100* weather) but loving every minute of it. Have no fear, there are still times where I'm like, "what the heck was I thinking, and what did I get myself into?!" but I know this is where I'm supposed to be, for real this time. I've missed interacting with high school kiddos, coaches and parents. I'm good with them (not tooting my own horn at all, but I really am good with them). The school has never ever had an Athletic Trainer before so to say there are some kinks to work out is the understatement of the year...and everything is very very unorganized (which is making me bonkers). I'm working through the local hospital out of a doctor's office. Side-note, the doc is a Horned Frog and he's great! Easy to work with, not nutso, and man is he funny. His whole staff at the office is wonderful. It's pretty much a dream job!

So there you have it, I'm eating crow and I'm okay with it. I've gotten so many well wishes from former athlete's parents which just cements my decision all the more. I can't wait to make a difference in these kids' lives and for them to impact mine!

Gotta get up early (this part I didn't miss!), but I'll be filling more gaps in soon! Like my Bestie's baby shower we through this past weekend so get ready!!