Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Summer 2013 pt. 1

I've been quite absent lately...I thought I'd have tons of time to blog this summer and tons of topics to blog about...I was wrong! I had tons of time, yet I felt like I had nothing to say! So here's a little catch up of my summer and then I hope to be back to posting regularly!

The first part of summer was quite boring and I took advantage of having nothing to do! I tried to sleep late(that didn't happen), I took naps and laid on the couch watching mindless TV. It was pretty good, I'm not gonna lie!

I took a trip to Fort Worth to spend some time with friends! One of my best friends is getting married in February and I was lucky enough to go dress shopping with her!! We found the most beautiful, perfect dress for her and then later on that day actually found our bridesmaid's dresses also! Check and Check! Done!! The weekend was a great, much needed little getaway to my favorite place on earth!
When I came home, my friend Julie and her two kiddos came back with me to spend the week with my family and go to the beach! Her husband was already in H-town for business so it worked out perfectly!! We went to the beach, had a pool day and spent July 4th on a bay boat! It was perfect!!
I'll leave y'all with some pictures and continue the second part of summer tomorrow! It's gonna be a lot of pictures so get ready!!

Tatum and I enjoying Galveston!! Hey a beach is a beach right?
My daddy on the boat! Love him!

Mom, Julie, Cory and I playing in the bay! It was a perfect day!!

Love this family!!