Thursday, December 7, 2017

Hello there! I'm attempting to get back on the proverbial horse and start blogging again. Since I've last blogged, I've had a few changes in my life. Nothing earth shattering, but health-wise, it's been an eye opener.

Last year on New Year's Day, my bestie and I decided to take a free Pure Barre class, and let's just say that we fell completely in love with it. We walked out of there, well actually practically crawled out of the studio with a feeling of accomplishment and totally soaked in sweat! I've worked out sporadically throughout my grown-up life, but have never loved something enough to keep up with it,  until now. We signed up pretty much immediately and have been faithful Pure Barre loyalists since. Seriously, I'm sure people get so tired of me talking about barre and how much my seat hurts... but I'll keep talking about it because it works people! I've never felt stronger or better about myself. And the community at Pure Barre, that's the best! The people at the studio are AH-MAZING, they are there to listen to you, laugh with you and even cry with you. I love going, because I know I'm gonna get a kick booty workout, but I'm also going to smile, laugh and enjoy those around me as well. So while my body was loving my new workout, and I was seeing results, I still felt yucky. My knees ached and I knew I needed to drastically change my eating habits.

Enter Whole 30... go ahead, roll your eyes, I did, several times to others that I saw doing it. How on Earth could someone give ALL that up for 30 days and claim to feel the best ever and not to mention not go back to their old ways. Well, I talked to a friend that had done it and she pointed me in the right direction. I did my research, read It Starts With Food  and decided to dive into it. Was it hard, yep, did I love it...most days. I actually didn't feel like I was depriving myself and it was amazing how much better I felt, just by being being conscious of what I was putting in my body and how I was making my food. From January-May, I lost 20 pounds (which is just an added bonus), learned which foods work well with me and which ones I need to limit. My body feels better and I've actually found myself cooking more and being more adventurous with my cooking.

Now, that the Holidays are here, yes, I'm eating crap again and sugar... and January 1st, the Whole 30 Community is doing a big Whole 30 and I'm pumped! Ready to start 2018 on the right foot and keep it there! I'm going to also, try to start blogging more and maybe even tweaking some of my favorite recipes to make the Whole 30 and dare I say, Paleo. (I just rolled my own eyes, because I said I'd NEVER be that person!) So expect to see the old stuff here, maybe some Word Wednesdays, Goal Setting Sundays (think meal prep, recipes and more) and some other random musings. But I'll be talking about Pure Barre (because once football season is over, then I'm back in action at PBFW (that's Pure Barre Fort Worth just in case you needed to know!) so just prepare yourself!

Hope y'all have a wonderful Christmas season and spend time with your loved ones!

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Room to Garden

I figured it would be fun to document my conversion of city girl to country girl... it might take a while, so I hope y'all (if I have any readers at all) are ready for the ride.

My daddy brought me my Papaw's 12-gauge shotgun when they came to help me move and he had me shoot it twice and then said, good luck! ha! Needless to say, it's loaded in my closet just in case I need it! I won't lie it makes me kinda nervous but I plan on learning out to actually shoot it and I want to become comfortable with it. I think that was my first, "oh wow, okay I'm actually doing this" moment. I'm hoping to only have to use it for critters...especially if any are planning on getting into my garden that I'm dreaming up!

I've had a container garden for the last few years and while it's done well and I've enjoyed it, I've longed to have a semi-big garden with more than tomatoes and peppers! I've been searching Pinterest and have found some good ideas! I do have several planters around the house that could possibly work for some vegetables! I'll just have to get rid of the dirt in them and fill it with new dirt. Seeing as it's just February, I'm in the planning stages so once the last frost hits, I can get busy! Should I plant seedlings now and keep them inside while they germinate or just buy plants at the store and start with them? These are things I'm not sure about and plan on asking around and going to the local feed store to find out their thoughts.

Right now, I'm planning on having the following in my garden:
Bell Peppers
some kind of lettuce
maybe some jalapenos

I really really like this idea:
Raised cinder block garden

And I'm thinking of having this in my kitchen just because it's adorable Mason Jar Herbs

Do y'all have gardens? Any tips for me?

Friday, February 5, 2016

Hello...It's me. And it's FriYAY!

Since my last post, I've settled into my new job and am LOVING it! The school, kids, parents and coaches are a dream to work for! I also moved...I left my beloved Fort Worth and moved to the country! And by country I mean like onto acreage and I can't even see my nearest neighbor! I've been there for three weeks tomorrow and it's been so nice! I'm right on the freeway (well on the frontage road of the freeway) so there is the noise of 18-wheelers whizzing by day and night, but I love it!
You know who else loves it? The pups! Jackie and Canton are loving running around the yard and laying on the porch enjoying the beautiful breeze and sunshine! I'm a sucker for a good sunset and I've not been disappointed at all!
Two worn out pups after being outside all day!

My view most nights...I won't get tired of it that's for sure!

Loving their new porch!
Let's back up a bit and talk about Christmas break! To start off the break, my football boys went down to H-town and pulled out a win to win the FIRST State Championship for Brock High School in Football. Not bad for only being in UIL Football for two years! I'm pretty proud of them and the fact that I got to witness it my first year at Brock! (I'd like to think I was the reason, haha!) I got to go home for a week and celebrate a great Christmas with the family! I'm hoping to have them up next year for a "Country Christmas" at my Little House on the Prairie as my mom says. The day after the New Year, we headed to San Antonio to watch the Frogs pull off the greatest comeback I've ever witnessed in THREE Overtimes!! I'm still freaking pumped about it! 

So now we are well into our Spring Semester, I'm learning to enjoy basketball (it's easy when the teams are good) and softball started last week and baseball has their first scrimmage next week. We're coming up on my favorite part of the year...I love baseball/softball and love being outside, but it also means that we're closer to the end and to SUMMER! :) 

This weekend is going to be fabulous...get to celebrate a special 16 year old tomorrow night and then the Super Bowl on Sunday....GO BRONCOS! I really want Peyton to get a win and go out on top! Here's to FriYAY and a wonderful weekend friends!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

My Bestie had a Baby!!

But before she HAD the baby, we threw her a baby shower! It was SO much fun and I think it turned out so wonderfully!
It was of course PURPLE because...I mean, why wouldn't it be! Her sister and I worked out the details and crafted like crazy ladies the week before.

It was so fun to see so many people that love Kacee, Brandon and sweet Addi Lynn! Enjoy some pics of the day and rest assured that there will  be PLENTY of Addi Lynn pics on the blog, because I'm THAT Aunt Sam! ;)

Monday, August 10, 2015

Welp, here I am again...and with another new job.

Who am I? I have NEVER changed jobs this much EVER! And had you asked me last year if I thought I'd be back in another new job within a six month period I'd had laughed in your face. I was just *positive* working in a concussion clinic was where I was meant to be! Hi...nice to meet you, I was wrong.
I'm sure somewhere in an earlier post I made a very BOLD (<= see what I did there?) statement that I would never ever go back to Athletic Training, let alone in a high school setting. So first I go back to Athletic Training, in a clinical setting...and while I enjoyed it, there was still something missing, plus I didn't feel like I was really being heard when I voiced my opinions. Deep down I knew what I needed to do, but I kept pushing the thought away and would basically tell God, "no thank you". Ha! Just an fyi, He doesn't really go for that!
So here I am, the first ever, and only Athletic Trainer at a small 3A high school 30 minutes southwest of Fort Worth. The job was originally presented to me in April a week after I had started at the concussion clinic. I told the doctor who approached me that I would love to but I JUST started a new job. Thankfully the job was still open three months later (totally God, y'all). I interviewed and got the job.
I started last week, and let me tell you, it's different. Small town, small school, but big kids hahaha! So, yes, I'm back on the field, sweating like a crazy person (we've had 12 days of above 100* weather) but loving every minute of it. Have no fear, there are still times where I'm like, "what the heck was I thinking, and what did I get myself into?!" but I know this is where I'm supposed to be, for real this time. I've missed interacting with high school kiddos, coaches and parents. I'm good with them (not tooting my own horn at all, but I really am good with them). The school has never ever had an Athletic Trainer before so to say there are some kinks to work out is the understatement of the year...and everything is very very unorganized (which is making me bonkers). I'm working through the local hospital out of a doctor's office. Side-note, the doc is a Horned Frog and he's great! Easy to work with, not nutso, and man is he funny. His whole staff at the office is wonderful. It's pretty much a dream job!

So there you have it, I'm eating crow and I'm okay with it. I've gotten so many well wishes from former athlete's parents which just cements my decision all the more. I can't wait to make a difference in these kids' lives and for them to impact mine!

Gotta get up early (this part I didn't miss!), but I'll be filling more gaps in soon! Like my Bestie's baby shower we through this past weekend so get ready!!

Monday, May 25, 2015


Hello. Hi. Hey there. Howdy. Hey Strangers.

I won't apologize for being gone since OCTOBER...what? Man, I that's all kinds of not okay. I won't apologize because it would be pointless and just a bunch of excuses, and you know what they say about excuses... So I'm going to try to do a quick synopsis of what's been going on in this crazy thing I call LIFE!

As y'all know I was working in medical sales, what y'all don't know is while I loved what I did...the interaction I had with the patients was great and I pray I made a difference in their lives and hopefully put their minds a little at ease for their upcoming surgeries. What I didn't love was who I was working for/with...without getting into anything, basically it was highly unorganized and highly unprofessional. Two things that drive me batty! I had begun looking into other options waaaayy before I resigned. I know God brought me to Fort Worth and to that job for a reason and I don't think my time there was wasted. I think it was a "stepping stone" to this next phase of life.

I offered to take Christmas portraits for friends this year to make some extra money and I really enjoy taking pictures! One of my college friends reached out to me and we were talking and she told me that her husband's team doctor (they are athletic trainer friends) was looking for an athletic trainer to manage a concussion clinic he and some other doctors were opening up. I struggled for a bit because I had left athletic training and really didn't see myself getting back into it. But obviously God had other plans. I sent the doctor my resume, interviewed and he basically offered me the position on the spot. The problem...the clinic wasn't set to open until July. Womp womp womp... By the time Christmas rolled around I REALLY didn't want to be in the job I was in and while I knew I had this other job to look forward to, it was SIX months away!

I went home for Christmas early and would have to come back to Fort Worth the day after Christmas. Which I thought would be fine, I was wrong. As I was packing up to come back, I was growing more and more upset. My mom had worked pretty much the whole week before while I was home so while I saw her, I felt like the time we had together was spent doing things to get ready for Christmas. I mean I saw my parents, but we had family in town and we never really just had family time just the three of us. Pretty bratty thinking of me huh? So the day I was leaving, my parents were getting ready to golfing and all I could think about was "poor me, going back to work while everyone else gets to enjoy the day". I had my first moment of doubt that morning. What was I doing living so far from my parents, why did I give up everything to move up to Fort Worth...the list could go on and on. I'm a very emotional person, very emotional, like I cry at anything. So I was really trying to hold it together while I packed my car because I didn't want anyone to know I was not happy. Well that didn't happen. I LOST it which made my mom cry (which she's not a crier) and also upset my dad (he gave me a quick hug and kiss and walked inside because he definitely didn't want to see his baby girl that upset).  Truth be told, my dad was never very keen on the whole let's sell my house, quit my job and move to Fort Worth thing, so me not being happy didn't sit well with him.

I got back home and decided I would give my all for the next six months until the new job started. I hated not being honest with my current job, but I knew if I told them they would just say "bye Felicia". So I plugged along...doing my job and trying to make a difference in people's lives. Fast forward to God opening doors and I go the opportunity to start my new job April 15th! I gave my two weeks notice and let's just say the company I worked for was caught completely off guard (which the signs were everywhere so they shouldn't have been) and the way they acted after I told them I was leaving completely cemented the fact that I knew the new venture was why God brought me up here!

Our clinic isn't open yet, but I'm going to the current clinic two days a week to see concussion patients and I'm working on the marketing for the clinic and visiting high schools. We are going to have a totally different approach to concussions and I'm so excited about it! We are going to conferences and learning so much! This is truly what God had in store for me!

Other than all of that, nothing much has been going on...I'm fairly boring still. But I really need to get out and do things! I'm back on the healthy eating/working out bandwagon. I feel better when I do both simultaneously. I'm hoping to start blogging again regularly, I won't promise that I will because I hate to break promises!

I hope y'all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and spent time with loved ones and honoring those who never made it home to their's.

I do promise that my next post won't be so wordy and will have some pictures in it!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


I know it's Wednesday, but no Word.Wednesday today...so sorry! It'll be back next week!

Are y'all like me in that you're completely obsessed with Pinterest? I mean, it's been around a while and I still LOVE it. I peruse it daily to find new recipes, crafts, things to make me laugh...basically anything! I've had this recipe pinned for a while and have been wanting to try it. Have y'all seen Pinterest Fails? I've seen them here and there and they are usually pretty funny, but I've never had one...until last night! 

Here's the recipe...it still looks delish to me, but I #NailedIt. 

In the recipe, she used Boursin cheese, but says you can use Laughing Cow (which I always have on hand). {Side note: Laughing Cow spread between two cucumber slices makes a YUMMY snack}

I followed the recipe to the "T" just subbing my cheese, I also pan sauteed my chicken, which I never do. I always grill my chicken because my apartment is small and I don't have a vent fan for my stove, so it's just easier! I should've done this tonight...but I decided to take a chance. Needless to say, I had to open my windows and door so my smoke alarm wouldn't go off! 

Will I try this recipe again? Yes, I will, because I want to like it! I posted my picture on Facebook and had lots of hints to help! 

I don't want to say I pride myself on my cooking skills, BUT, the majority of my meals end up being super yummy and I love them! This was by far, my worst meal to date! 
But I'm not going to let it stop me...I'll try it again! And the next time, I'll grill the chicken!

Have y'all had any Pinterest fails? Thankfully it was still edible but after I ate, everything else was thrown away, lol.