Saturday, February 6, 2016

Room to Garden

I figured it would be fun to document my conversion of city girl to country girl... it might take a while, so I hope y'all (if I have any readers at all) are ready for the ride.

My daddy brought me my Papaw's 12-gauge shotgun when they came to help me move and he had me shoot it twice and then said, good luck! ha! Needless to say, it's loaded in my closet just in case I need it! I won't lie it makes me kinda nervous but I plan on learning out to actually shoot it and I want to become comfortable with it. I think that was my first, "oh wow, okay I'm actually doing this" moment. I'm hoping to only have to use it for critters...especially if any are planning on getting into my garden that I'm dreaming up!

I've had a container garden for the last few years and while it's done well and I've enjoyed it, I've longed to have a semi-big garden with more than tomatoes and peppers! I've been searching Pinterest and have found some good ideas! I do have several planters around the house that could possibly work for some vegetables! I'll just have to get rid of the dirt in them and fill it with new dirt. Seeing as it's just February, I'm in the planning stages so once the last frost hits, I can get busy! Should I plant seedlings now and keep them inside while they germinate or just buy plants at the store and start with them? These are things I'm not sure about and plan on asking around and going to the local feed store to find out their thoughts.

Right now, I'm planning on having the following in my garden:
Bell Peppers
some kind of lettuce
maybe some jalapenos

I really really like this idea:
Raised cinder block garden

And I'm thinking of having this in my kitchen just because it's adorable Mason Jar Herbs

Do y'all have gardens? Any tips for me?

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