Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Oh my word...

So I've been on summer break going on two weeks...and I thought I'd have time to blog a lot more and would have interesting things to say... surprise! I have neither! Last week, I started my break with a two day conference...remind me not to do that again next year!! Then I was lazy lazy lazy {so technically I had time to blog, but let's be real...I was lounging on the couch}. Trying to think about it, I can't even remember what I did last week after my conference was over. {How sad is that?}
I can tell you one thing I've been doing... gardening. Yep, I'm the 80 year old grandma! I planted tomatoes about a month ago maybe...maybe longer {I'm telling you, once summer hits, I lose all perception of time, I really am 80 I think!} But I am LOVING growing these 'maters! I even planted basil too so I can make homemade pesto this summer! The other day I went to Lowe's, which is becoming just as dangerous as Target and got more basil, some cilantro, rosemary and a bell pepper plant! I'm a gardening machine! :) I've gotten a bunch of cherry tomatoes and some a big tomatoes and they taste SOO much better than those in the store! Sunday evening I came home to my first tomato casualty. I'm not gonna lie, I was slightly devastated...since then I've had two more casualties...one was a BIG 'mater that was ripening {I found that one tonight!}! Needless to say I will be going to Lowe's tomorrow for some tomato cages...because I'll be darned if those birds/squirrels are going to eat my crops! My trusty Yorkie, Canton usually does a good job on 'mater duty!
But he's been a little lazy as of late...
I think next year I'm going to do a raised garden and grow all kinds of things!!
Do y'all have anything you're growing??

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Shh...do you hear that?

Y'all, that sound you hear is SUMMER calling my name!! She's actually shouting it!! I literally have 5 hours left of work {an hour today and 4 hours tomorrow!} and I couldn't be more excited!!

While I already have to attend a conference on Monday and Tuesday, I can tell you that my first weekend of summer break will be spend doing NOTHING!! I will have the obligatory Happy Hour drinks with friends tomorrow afternoon. Saturday will start with a workout and then a workout with my trainer in the afternoon...then as long as it's not raining, I'll be in the pool...with my sunscreen on of course! :) I know what you're thinking, "that doesn't sound like you've got nothing going on!", true that my friends, BUT it's not work! And it's all things I haven't been able to do lately! I honestly don't remember the last time I wasn't at a playoff game (baseball or softball) on a Friday/Saturday!!

Parents, kids, co-workers all ask the same thing, "What are you doing this summer?" and my reply is always NOTHING! Well...I'll make a trip to Fort Worth and my family is going to Orange Beach, Alabama in July, but other than that I'll be in the pool, maybe occasionally Galveston, working out big time because I actually will have time and I plan on doing an organizational overhaul on my house! Sounds busy I know, but it really won't be!

And I also get this a lot..."Gosh, you're so lucky to get the WHOLE summer off!"... ummm thanks, but I don't. I end up with only like 7 weeks (I know, I know, sounds like an eternity...it's not believe me it flies by)! I am so thankful that I get any time off so it's all good!

So it's always good to have goals for the Summer...here's some of mine!

  • WORKOUT! If y'all follow any of my 5 for FIVEs you'll know that's been a constant theme...but I have NO excuse now that I won't have work!
  • Organize my house...starting with the kitchen and working my way up!
  • Plan out my menu for the week on Sunday and stick to it!
  • Read...gotta find some good books to read!
  • Enjoy the time off!
Do y'all have any summer goals? Also if you have any book suggestions, I'd love them because I'll be reading a lot and will definitely be reading on the BEACH in July!


Monday, June 3, 2013

5 for FIVE!!

Good Monday to y'all!! It's the LAST Monday of the school year for me and I'm super pumped!! As always, I'm linking up with Jenn and Jessica and you totally should too! ;)
I feel like I'm on repeat every week because I always say...last week was super busy...and it was (again!)!! This week...is NOT busy at all though (FINALLY) so I'll be good this week!
Let's see how last week went:
Purple = YAY me!! Blue = Girl...you did ok Red = Epic fail
1. Get laundry done and packed for Austin this weekend!!
2. Workout ONE day this week! Nope...sure didn't
3. Finish the book I started...it's called Little Bee. I read a bit...but we watched Pitch Perfect, Billy Madison and Footloose on the bus so clearly I was distracted!
4. Return my Thirty-One order....my actual order is on the way!!
5. Enjoy the last two weeks of work...we're headed to State on Thursday and have our football spring game on Wednesday and then finals next week...so I want to soak in the memories! I totally rocked this one!! :) Kinda easy, but still! I had such a great time with my team this past weekend...They are all awesome and it's just non-stop laughter when they're around!!

Unfortunately we lost 3-2 in the State Championship game...HEART BREAKER for sure!! Those girls were awesome and amazed me all season and I couldn't be prouder of them!!

Here's this week's goals!
1. Get a massage: okay, I'm kinda cheating b/c I've already booked it, but I need it BAD!
2. Workout! I have nothing to do in the afternoons so this should be easy!
3. Cook supper this week...I've bought chicken, pork chops and shrimp so I should be eating yummy stuff this week!
4. Organize my fridge...I bought containers for the fridge today...my roommate and I tend to throw things in haphazardly and it drives me crazy!!
5. Pay my bills...ick...but it's gotta be done!!

Hope y'all had a fabulous weekend and an even more fabulous week!! After today I have one full day and three half days so to say I'm antsy is an understatement!!