Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Hi there!

Whoa! Time has once again gotten away from me! How in the world is it already mid-May the end of May? May JUST got here...and it's usually one of my favorite months, it's not too hot yet and the nights and mornings are still a little cool...it's perfect! But this month, everything is going so fast and June is upon us in just a couple short weeks days! CRAZY!

It's kind of a weird time in my life right now, I'm used to being excited about summer because I have almost a whole month and a half off work and get to do whatever I want every day. My seniors are graduating graduated and there are crawfish boils, grad parties and just plain weekend grilling parties to attend. This year, I'm still excited about summer, but it's for different reasons now. Fort Worth has a lot to offer in the summer, they have Concerts in the Botanical Gardens, Cats games are fun to go to and the evenings are just wonderful! So while I don't get the "summer off", I still plan on enjoying every second of it!

Summer nights are the best...okay well maybe not in Houston because they are still super muggy, but here in Fort Worth, nights in MY opinion are wonderful! There is usually a beautiful warm breeze that just begs for porch sitting with wine in hand! I've already had some beautiful mornings out on my porch. I take my fruit out there and enjoy the morning. It's quite lovely. Speaking of fruit...{warning, I'm going on a tangent} Honeydew. People either love it or hate it. I used to be with the haters, I am now among the lovers and boy oh boy do I love it! Like I can't get enough of it, love it!! I may or may not have bought all four containers of it at Kroger on Sunday. And before you judge, yes, I am THAT person who buys it already chopped up. One, it's easier and two, I have no clue how to pick a good Honeydew! {Any tips would be appreciated}

Okay, back to summer... If you follow me on Pinterest, you'll notice that I've been pinning a crazy amount of yummy recipes and frozen treats. Summer is a great time to try new recipes and enjoy lighter fare, because who wants to eat a meatloaf, mashed potatoes and corn {I mean this might be one of my favs} when it's still 95 degrees at 8:30pm?? I'm hoping to post at least one new recipe here per week and I'll be fair and let you know if they're good or not!

What are things you like to cook in the summer, and do y'all have any fun plans for the summer? I'm gonna live vicariously through y'all!