Monday, August 26, 2013

5 for FIVE is back!!!

Hey lovies!! I'm so excited that 5 for FIVE is back! Wahooo! I'm linking up with Jenn again and I'm hoping that now I'll actually get crap done since I'll have the accountability again! :) A girl can dream right?
So it was the first day of school today...I've been back to work for almost a full month so it really was just a normal day but with a bell schedule, which I must say is quite nice! Alright, let's get to the goal setting!!
1. Workout...funny this always always pops up...but I've been so busy the last month that I can't tell you the last time I did a workout!
2. Find some time to clean up the house this week. My roommate is out of town until Sunday so I'd like to get things tidied up and maybe have the cleaning lady come and really do some cleaning!
3. Get into the Word...I really need to start digging into God's Word daily!
4. I'm so stinking close to hitting my monthly goal with Rodan+Fields and I have until Saturday to do...so I'm hoping to hit it by Thursday! I'll get a promotion and pay raise if I hit it!
5. Pay bills...ick...why do we have to be grown up...it stinks!
Here's to a great week!
Before I go, I have to share a sweet story with you from church yesterday! Our youth pastor preached on John 21 and how Peter denied Jesus three times and yet when it came down to it Jesus was not disappointed in him because He loves Peter despite everything. Pastor Corey shared a story about how he felt like he had failed his own father and held onto that feeling for years until a month ago. He told his dad how much he loved him and he was so sorry for disappointing him and his father told him he had never been a failure in his eyes! Well fast forward to after church and I'm outside talking to our Lead Pastor's son about the upcoming first day of school. He turns to me and says "Sam, what did you think of the message today?" I replied with " I thought it was so good...it really touched me and made me think." He replies with "Oh me too! It made me cry!" I said "Really? Why?" His response is so touching and so real... "It made me cry because I started thinking about how much I love my dad and I would never want to disappoint him, and knowing he would love him anyways...I just love him so so much!" Out of the mouth of babes y'all...the Truth! This kid has it right! No matter how much we "mess up" our Heavenly Father loves us unconditionally!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Summer 2013 pt 2!

My absolute favorite part of summer was our trip to Orange Beach, Alabama!! Not only is the beach absolutely fabulous, but the company was awesome!! We get to stay at a friend's house on Ono Island for free {holla!!} and we cook most of our meals at the house and go out to eat a few times! The weather could've been better, it rained one full day and other days were cloudy but really any day the beach is a great day!
We usually park our hineys in the sand near Flora-bama as to be closer to the Bushwhackers...They make theirs with real ice cream and they are simply divine! Last year when we went, I wasn't the biggest fan...but they really do taste like a Wendy's frosty...but you can only have a couple because they will sneak up on you if you're not careful! :)
One of my best friends, Kacee went with us this year! It was nice to have a friend on the trip! There were eight of us total and not all of us could fit at the table for meals, so Kacee and I sat at the chess table, which we dubbed the kids table...it was a running joke all week. While the "adults" went golfing one day, we went on a dolphin cruise. It was AMAZING!! We found Flipper and it was so much fun and well worth the $10 {thanks to Kacee's military discount!}and two hours on the water searching for Flipper!
We definitely didn't want to come home on Sunday but alas all good things must end! Although my Daddy {who is awesome!} finally gave in and stopped at the Tiger Mart in Baton Rouge so we could take a picture with the tiger! He saw us Horned Frogs and wouldn't come out of his little home...we think he was just being a big scaredy cat! ;)
Enjoy the pics...sorry for so many of them!!
 We are ready to hit the road!!
 First night at the "kids" table...checkmate!
 We snuck out to the beach the first night!
 Crazy wind and clouds the first day on the beach...but it turned out beautiful!
 Happy campers!
 Mom and her two friends...too cute!
 Frogs and Aggies...best of both conferences!

The group at Lu-Lu's for Mom's bday!!
Just a few more pics... because we of course had a photo shoot on the beach! These are some of my favorites!!
 Helen and Ronnie
 Karen and Max
 My cute parents!!
 Our little family!
 Pretty sure this is my favorite ever!!
 Yay for besties at the beach!
 The "adults"
 The "kids"
 This picture just captures our personalities! Cracks me up every time!
The whole group!
We had a fabulous time and can't wait to go back!!
Again sorry for the photo dump!