Monday, February 18, 2013

Wrap up of the weekend!

Good Monday morning! This weekend was full of lots of fun, and a little bit of work! Friday night I had three soccer games... And I was FREEZING!!! Got home late only to get up early for a track meet! But I got to leave the meet early to take Steven to the Rice baseball game!
Little background on Steven, he is an old student that still helps us out on occasion! Over the past 7 years I've become very close to his family and I have to say he is probably one of my favorite people I hang out with! So off we went to the Rice game! It was a gorgeous day to watch baseball!! Unfortunately Rice didn't pull this game out, but we got to watch one of our favorite catchers!
Sunday was spent at church and preparing for the week ahead! Church as great as usual! Pastor Mark spoke on complete surrender and it was awesome! After church I did the necessary trip to the grocery store and then started moving furniture to get ready for my laminate flooring to be installed Tuesday! We (my mom and dad) ripped up all of my baseboards! It actually ended up being fun!
This is my first time trying to post from my phone so I'm not sure how the pictures are going to upload but once I get to a computer I'll fix them! The pic of the boots is the lady sitting in front of me at the game... I was having major boot envy!

I'll be back later with my 5 for Five!


love the tree lined roads by Rice!

Major boot envy!

Reckling park is gorgeous!

Me and Steven!

Ephesians 6:13 

Canton had too much fun!

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