Monday, February 25, 2013

5 for FIVE!!

It's Monday, so it's time to link up with Jenn and Jessica for my 5 for FIVE! I hope y'all had a great weekend and are ready for a good week ahead! I know I could use a good, uneventful week!
Here's a look at last weeks goals: Purple = accomplished, Blue = almost accomplished and Red= a big fat failure!
1. Workout 5 times this week! (I have NO excuses not to this week!) I did get one workout in and it was a good one, but I'm still counting that as a fail!
2. Plan and prepare my lunches for the week! having unlimited access to the concession stand is no bueno and I ate WAAAAYYY too much crap!
3. Mail off a care package to my sweet Brittany who is having ACL surgery tomorrow! I wasn't planning on working Thursday so I literally had no chance of getting that mailed
4. Make my green smoothies at night so they're ready for the morning! (I'm going to share some recipes tomorrow!) Had no spinach and no time to go to the store...lame
5. Clean my room/ upstairs.Ha! wasn't happening with my crazy week!

OUCH! That's way too much red for my taste! I told y'all last week was rough, it was just so stinking busy and unfortunately I let it all get away from me! Lesson learned. On my behalf, I did have laminate flooring put in Tuesday so it kinda threw a wrench in my whole week! So here I am to pledge to do better this week!

1. Workout 5 times this week: Seriously, I need to get my butt up in the morning and just do it!
2. Eat clean all week, no junk!!
3. Finish putting my living room back together and get everything cleaned up: I want to have a cleaning lady come and do a good deep clean so I have to prepare for her! {seriously, I'm going to clean for a cleaning lady to come}
4. Make my smoothies at night.
5. Mail that care package...I actually have a couple things to mail...such a slacker! :)
How'd y'all do last week? Hopefully better than I did! :)