Monday, April 1, 2013

5 for Five!

 Good Monday morning! I had a fabulous Easter break! A little work with lots of fun is always the ticket! 
I'm linking up with Jenn and Jessica for my 5 for FIVE!
Just a reminder: Purple = accomplished, Blue = almost accomplished and Red= a big fat failure! 

Let's see how I did last week!

1. Read the whole book of Mark this week, as we prepare for Easter. I definitely just finished it morning,but it was still done and very powerful! 
2. Workout!!! Wednesday is going to be nuts with physical day, so I need to get some physical activity in so I can get some stress relief in before and after that day!
3. Put aside time for God each and every day...even if it's just 15 minutes!
4. Write at least two other blog posts...I've got some ideas so hopefully I can get them prepared!
5. Cook dinner twice this week.

Not a great week,but not too bad. It was a messed up week because we only had a three day work week {not that I'm complaining about that!}.
Ok, here's this week's goals... I'm shooting for a perfect score!

1. Blog more consistently! I've got posts planned, I just need to write them! I'm tired of saying "oh I got too busy!“ No more...just need to make time.
2. Track my food and workouts. My trainer is doing a challenge with her family,friends and clients for two weeks. There's no winners or losses it's just for accountability and to get more ideas!
3. Finish my book I've been reading. The students are testing this week so while I'm on potty duty I can read!
4. Get in my quiet times! I download Jesus Calling on my kindle so I've got no excuse!
5. Clean,Clean,Clean! My house is a disaster!

I fully promise to most more this week! Hope y'all have a fabulous Monday!

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