Monday, April 15, 2013

5 for FIVE!


Good morning lovely readers! It's that time again! I've really enjoyed linking up every Monday, even though I haven't had a perfect 5/5 week yet, but it just keeps me striving for perfection! (Soon my friends, soon!)
I'm linking up with Jenn and Jessica for my 5 for FIVE!
Just a reminder: Purple = accomplished, Blue = almost accomplished and Red= a big fat failure! 

1. Quiet times!! Didn't get it in every day...I don't understand what is so hard about this!
2. Keep tracking my food/ exercise.
3. "Move back home". I partially moved back...still have some stuff over there the I need to get but that'll be done today.
4. Finish one of my books. So didn't even have time...work was busy with a bunch of games last week
5. Get back to 100% health wise.

Not bad...not great. Last week was rough because I was sick from Sunday-Wednesday...finally on Thursday I started feeling like myself and eating normally! Yay me! This week is a somewhat short week for me as I'm leaving Thursday for Fort Worth for an Athletic Training Alumni reunion (to say I'm excited is an understatement), but there is a lot packed into the three days I'll be at work!

1. Keep tracking my food/ exercise!  I told y'all about how my trainer made an accountability group on Facebook and how we were doing it for 2 weeks! Well today ends the 2 weeks and I'm pretty bummed...I want to keep doing it...Maybe everyone else feels the same way so it may live on! :) If not, I may start posting my daily eats and exercises on my blog...we'll see!
2. Get my hiney back in the gym!! I have lost 13.1 pounds since January and sadly I've done it without being consistent in my workouts (it makes me sick to think if I had been working out consistently where I'd be!). So I need to make time for a workout...even if it's just a 15 min quick one! Something, anything!
3. Pack for Fort Worth and not take my whole closet! Y'all can sympathize right? why as women can we not just pack the necessities!?
4. Quiet times! This past weekend we had a Women's Brunch that my church put on and it was all about Blooming and becoming the woman God wants us to be. Our pastor's wife read Psalm 139 to us and it's so amazing and so convicting! (I'd suggest you read it b/c it's beautiful! I'll probably post it because I love it so much!) God is ever thinking about us and knows everything that will happen in our lives and is always always involved in our everyday moments, yet we push Him to the bottom of the list...I MUST make Him a priority this week!
5. Be more involved with my students. I've had a bad attitude lately when it comes to work and just haven't been "feeling" it. I need to interact with my students and prepare them for spring football practices.

Here's to a great week! I'll be back later with a new smoothie recipe that I tried this morning! Until then stay on the edge of your seat waiting anxiously! :) 


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