Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Tag! I'm it!

Alrighty!! So my friend Megan over at Inner Happiness tagged me in a 6 random things post! Oooohhh my first tag! :) Exciting! But that leaves me with the task of tagging others...I only have a few blogging friends and she tagged them! Megan! You were supposed to leave some for me! So I'm going to tag people that linked up for 5 for Five! :) Maybe I'll meet some new friends along the way!
Okay okay, now, onto the 6 random things about me!
1. I play the piano...not well, but I play! I learned when I was little and we lived in Florida, but when we moved back to the best state ever,{Texas, for those slow on the uptake}, we couldn't find me another piano teacher that was as good as the one in Florida! :( So I would just play the same songs over and over...I still do haha! I taught myself a couple songs but goodness I play like an 8 year old. I love it though, total relieves stress for me!!
2. I can't touch my shoulders. {Man, we're going deep and I'm letting out my deepest secrets} I don't know why I can't but I can't. Let's just say ' Head, shoulders, knees and toes' was a little rough in kindergarten!
3. This is completely random but as I am typing this, my sweet Yorkie, Canton is lounging by me with his hiney on my hip and he just ripped the biggest puppy fart ever! It was so loud! And he just laid there like nothing happened...didn't even pick his head up...such a man!
4. The top thing on my bucket list is to go to Greece! For my whole life I've wanted to go...I also want to lay topless on the black sand beach {for 10 seconds just to say I did it}, but that's a different goal! ;)
5. I, like Megan definitely treat my pups like humans. They sleep with me, under the covers and sharing a pillow. I talk to them all the time and I'm fairly certain they understand me!
6. Any time I can, I'm gonna nap! I will NEVER turn down a nap, ever! Even if it's just a short 30 minute snooze! I LOOOVVEE napping!! On that note, I go to try to go to bed by 9pm nightly, because sleep is so precious to me! Hey I have to be at work at 6 am 4 out of the 5 days of the work week!
Okay so now y'all know a little more about me!!
Let's see...who to tag...

Jessica over at Fantastically Average, Kristle at Forget the Dog, Not The Baby! and Jenn at Party of One

Enjoy ladies!!

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