Friday, March 15, 2013

A Whole Lot of Nothing!

Man! When I started blogging, I had so many ideas and thoughts and it seemed so easy! Now here I am, with nothing to say! I guess it's what writer's call writer's block. I'm going to call it blogger's block! I have some great ideas and just need to plan them out! I'm still really trying to learn all about blogging and figure it all out {but who really has it ALL figured out?} so I don't want to blog things that have no content. Although this post may qualify as that!

I've been on Spring Break all week and have had to work all week {cue the pity party} so I had grand plans of doing stuff at home and getting things done but NONE of it got done...nothing! When I had a spare moment I was sitting on the couch trying to catch up on my dvr'd shows or sleeping...lame right? Oh well, that's just how it goes sometimes.

This weekend, however will be me cramming in the fun of Spring Break in two days, and I'm gonna do it!
Saturday morning I plan on going to Zumba and then Yoga, then I have a workout with my trainer {whom I haven't seen in a month and yet I'm still in the same place weight wise as I was then, which I'm okay yet not okay with} and then I plan on either 1. going to town on the spring cleaning or 2. laying by my parent's pool trying to get rid of this pastey complexion I have going on. I should really go with option number 1, but let's be real, I'll probably end up by the pool! Sunday is church {which I've skipped the last two weeks b/c I've been lazy...I'm full of lame excuses today} and then some Rice baseball and dinner with some of my favs!

I hope y'all have a great weekend! Get outside and do something...the weather is going to be BE-A-UTIFUL!!


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