Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Oh my word!

Y'all! I am such a slacker!! I still haven't taken a picture of my finished living room...hopefully this weekend! Things are crazy busy at work {I feel like I say that ALL the time, but seriously!} and blogging has just fell to the wayside. Don't get me wrong, I still have time to read everyone else's blogs, just haven't had time to write! Eventually my goal is to plan my posts out and make it where I have them waiting to be published...but that's going to have to wait until things slow down at work...just a few more week!!
So I don't know if y'all follow Hollywood or not, but Giuliana Rancic was recently quoted as saying she puts her husband before her child. She is getting major recoil from this quote! Some mom bloggers are up in arms about this because they say you put your babies before anything! So funny that this was news on Monday and then at bible study we were talking about loving our husband {or future husband in my case}. God says to put our husband before our children and all other relationships {of course, not before God Himself, He's #1, Numero Uno,}. If we don't have a strong relationship with our husband and he's not our best friend, other half, partner in crime, then you are setting your marriage up for failure. Giuliana also said happy husband = happy marriage! SO true! You've got to make time for date nights and time alone with your hubby. {I know, I know...what do I know about marriage?} This is why I'm in this bible study, so I can become A Woman After God's Own Heart and learn to love my husband {when the time comes}, and make him my priority in my marriage.
My parents have set such a good example of this! My mom loves my dad and vice versa so much. She does little things just because she knows he likes them. This is how it should be! You should find things he enjoys or little things to do for him to help him out throughout the day and see how he responds to you! Since I don't have a husband, or boyfriend for that matter, I try to do this just with people I deal with every day.
Okay so why does society have such a skewed vision of this idea? It's so sad to me! God's not saying to be that robotic wife that says, "yes, dear. what do you need dear?" And you shouldn't do it out of obligation, but because you want to and because you want to obey God's word! So I applaud Giuliana for putting her hubby first and foremost before her child! Kudos to you! Her and Bill definitely seem to have a wonderful marriage {I know that we only see part of it} and I don't know if they're God-fearing people, but I'd like to think that they've got this right and are setting a supereme example!
Just a little bit of rambling and what's been going in my head this week!
I do promise to post my pics soon and come up with a post of some substance instead of just what's floating around in my thoughts! :) Hope y'all have a wonderful Wednesday!!

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