Monday, March 18, 2013

5 for FIVE!

Good Monday Morning lovlies!! It's definitely a Monday for sure...not to mention the Monday after Spring Break...11 more weeks until Summer break! {But who's counting!}
Let's see how I did last week...I did better but was still crazy busy with work!

I'm linking up with Jenn and Jessica for my 5 for FIVE!
Just a reminder: Purple = accomplished, Blue = almost accomplished and Red= a big fat failure! 

1. Finish the chair my mom and I have been working on refinishing since Christmas 2011. All we have to do is screw in the cushions so I'm counting that as finished! {I'll be posting pictures soon!}
2. Clean my room so that said chair may go to it's new forever home in the corner of my room! {I wasn't home a lot during my "break", Mom and I worked on that chair for two days and then the other days I was working at night}
3. Do some form of physical activity every freaking day this week! Only missed a couple days! Thankfully I had a friend home and we went to the park several times to walk the dogs!
4. Eat healthy, even though I'm on break. Had a few stumbles but am giving myself credit b/c I didn't eat crap!
5. Get my haircut...I need it bad and since I'm "off" all week hopefully I can find some time to get it done. Totally not my fault! My lady can't get me in until this Wednesday!

Not too shabby huh?! Way better than the last couple of weeks!!
Now, let's see what's going on this week!

1. Workout 3x this week! I met with my personal trainer Saturday and we agreed that 5x a week is not going to happen! So 3 cardio/strength days it is! If I can get any others in...it's a bonus!
2. Plan my meals and stick to them! I really need to buckle down especially since I don't have a lot of time to hit the gym.
3. Get things planned and organzied for physical day March 27th is physical day for our athletes and it usually crazy.
4. Make time to get in God's word daily!
5.Be thankful for each little thing : I've noticed that I've been complaining a lot and I hate it! I need to be thankful for each blessing God has put into my life and stop worrying about what I can't control!

Whew! I think I can be pretty successful this week! That last one may be the hardest!
Have a fabulous week!!



  1. Y'all do physicals really early!! Good luck... ;)

    1. Yep!! It was the only day available this year bc of testing and track meets and spring football. Gross.

  2. Yuck, physicals. We don't have to do them, thank goodness. Good luck!

    1. You are so so lucky!! It's a pain and gives me a headache every year!