Tuesday, May 14, 2013

5 for FIVE fail...

Yes, I know it's Tuesday and yes, I'm aware that I totally missed out of the link up yesterday! I'm going to let y'all know how I did last week but I don't think I'm going to make goals for this week because it's already Tuesday night at 8:03pm and let's face it...the week's almost over! (Okay not really, but it feels that way for me! I leave on Friday morning to go with Softball to their playoff games that are in Round Rock, TX this weekend.
1. Prepare menu for this week: my parents are going out of town Thursday so I'm at their house with my dogs and their dog...gotta have all my food planned out so I can take it over with me.
2. Pack my stuff for said house/dog sitting.
3. Get my Rodan and Fields biz going...I just recently joined Rodan and Fields and am excited to see where it takes me! I promise not to post self-promoting stuff on here, but I will post things from time to time! If you're interested in knowing what Rodan and Fields is all about, check out my site! sburton1.myrandf.biz
4. Workout! I have some workouts planned this week and need to do them! Anyone want to hold me accountable?!
5. Get my quiet times consistent!!

That's quite the rainbow up there ^^^...Softball and Baseball are in the playoffs and both travel on the weekends and this past weekend I went with both...so I basically ate leftovers and then ate out because we were on the road. I got in one workout and it was actually pretty good! I combined my circuits and did a little walk/jog around the neighborhood for 15 minutes! Quiet times...ummm yeah...
I did get my biz going! I've gotten some leads and have planned my business launch party!

So I'm not making goals this week..mainly because of in my mind it's late in the week already and also, I'm so busy that I'm just trying to get through the week! I'll be back next week with my goals and a fresh outlook on the coming weeks because hey, let's face it summer is SOOO close I can smell the sunscreen and beach!!

Hope y'all have a fabulous week!!


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