Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Yummy Dinner

Today the weather was BE-A-UTIFUL!! There is currently a cold front blowing in and by blowing in, I mean blowing in right now!! Like the wind is HOWLING!! So, I took advantage of the warm evening and grilled up some chicken breasts. BORING right? WRONG!! A friend of mine makes this and it seriously so yum! He takes chicken breast and puts Cajun seasoning on them then throws them on the grill. Once they're done, you put swiss cheese {I'm guessing you can use whatever kinda cheese you want} on to melt. You then top it with a tomato and drizzle balsamic reduction over it. Holy cow it's good!! I also made broccoli that I usually throw in the oven, but tonight I threw it on some foil and put it on the grill. Y'all...it was ah-mazing!!! I love it in the oven and now on the grill...I'll never steam broccoli again! EVER! To round out my delicious meal, I made fingerling potatoes in the oven until they were perfectly crisp! I should've made the potatoes on the grill too. I love love grilling but have a hard time with chicken...but tonight I got it perfect! Love that the weather is getting to where we can cook outside! It was nice to have the dogs romping around the backyard while I "wo-manned" the grill!

I decided to put the tomatoes on the grill tonight to warm them up and it was a great idea!! I'm definitely going to experiment with different cheeses this summer. I've seen some recipes for caprese chicken on the grill. And I love me some caprese!! I'm planning on planting some basil again this year and could use it in said recipe!

I tend to stick to the same recipes and really need to branch out! I cook this and this quite often. But there are so many recipes I have pinned that I need to try! I'm going to try at least one new recipe a week! Y'all hold me to it! Do y'all have any go-to recipes that are different!?

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