Friday, March 7, 2014

Well Hello there Weekend!!

I've seen this on my friend's blogs and decided it would be fun to do! Hope I can come up with Five things!

I've had a rather easy-peasy week...not a lot of surgeries so I've been doing a bunch of pickups and now I have a lot of machine cleaning to do this weekend! I'm hoping to knock most of it out today so that I can enjoy my weekend!

Speaking of the weekend, I feel like I haven't had a weekend where I have NOTHING to do in a while...so hopefully this weekend will be a leisurely one! I am going to watch and old athlete's baseball game tonight. His mom and sister will be there and I'm pretty excited to see them all! I may even hit this fun event up with some friends! I LOVE perusing antiques and art...but I can't buy anything, b/c I have NO room in my apartment! :) I also need to do some spring cleaning b/c of said limited space issues!

Every year when I get my tax info back I immediately do them! I haven't even come close to having time to do them this year! I need to work on them this weekend!! Starting a new job makes it a little tricky b/c I have several new deductions so I'm hoping I can easily do it. I use Tax Act and it works pretty well for me!

This one is random, but happening at the moment... my Yorkie, Canton has become such a snuggle-bug. He's currently in my lap, chin on computer. He's always been my snuggler, but geez he's constantly in my lap these days...which I'm okay with. Love some puppy snuggles! Jackie on the other hand, would rather have a blanket all to herself!

 Exhibit A

Exhibit B

I've recently splurged and decided to take the Lululemon plunge... I had a Visa gift card and decided to use it to make my first purchase...ummm, while I LOVE my capris I got and the sports bra and top, I'm not sure I can justify spending that much of my own money on them! I'm a Nike junkie and love all their stuff. But my LuLu stuff is pretty sweet! I'll just watch for the sale items! :)

Hope y'all have a fabulous weekend! If the weather is going to be nice, get out and enjoy it and enjoy the people around you!


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