Monday, March 3, 2014


Hello there! Hope y'all had a wonderful weekend! We had GORGEOUS weather on Friday and Saturday...Sunday, whole 'nother story! It was 80 on Friday and Saturday and on Sunday it iced/sleeted/snowed. I'm not even kidding...I know it sounds like a joke but I would never joke about something like this! It's miserable! I barely got above freezing today!
Saturday I got to see one of my former athletes pitch against UTA (University of Texas-Arlington) and he did fab and his team won! I love love love seeing my kids succeed! It seriously makes my heart happy and reminds me why I was an Athletic Trainer for 8 years!! Sunday, I skipped church, skipped my workout class I've been going to, more on that later this week, and went to the grocery store before the weather took a turn for the worse and then hung out the rest of the day!
My friend and I have been sewing scarves and her nine-year old son was so intrigued yesterday so we put him to work! #childlabor He really enjoyed it and we're going to get him some Super Man fabric so we can teach him to make a pillow case! Hey! Boys can learn how to be domestic, nothing wrong with that! And this particular boy is just the sweetest soul there ever was! He's ALL boy, loves playing baseball, riding his bike, and getting dirty! But he's got a soft side too, loves giving hugs, cuddling on the couch and just being freaking sweet! So I had to capture him sewing and he was perfectly fine with my taking a picture/video/more pictures and posting them on Instagram! What you can't see is how much he was concentrating{his little tongue was out and everything}, he was so wanting to do it correctly! The fact that the sewing machine has a pedal like a car also scored cool points.

And this little one is VERY OVER this weather! His sweater hangs on hook by the door and he was nudging it yesterday so I guess he was cold and needed his sweater! I can't handle his cuteness sometimes!

Are y'all just as ready as I and everyone else in America for summer?! Or really just some steady warm weather would be nice!
Hope y'all had a wonderful Monday!


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  1. Semi ready for the warm weather. I have a feeling it will be a HOT HOT summer.