Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Word. Wednesday...and a bit of an update.

"Whether it's ten miles or one, you will NEVER regret lacing up those running shoes and going outside." 

I saw this yesterday, and thought...hmmmm, yep that's so true! So a couple posts ago, I made a bold statement. I said I hated running. And I did. However, things have changed. {Here is my retraction to the whole I hate running}Week 5 hit and it was great...then day 3 of Week 5 came and BAM! You have to run for 20 minutes straight!!!! I almost had a heart attack, like for-real! I didn't expect that at all! I had mentally prepared to run the intervals I had been running. When I saw that I almost fell off the treadmill!! But, I was determined and decided to plug along and just do it. Surprisingly it was easier than I thought. Better than those intervals where the minutes tick-tock by super duper slowly. I was on a high after that run and literally felt like I could conquer the world, ha! Then I went to run on Monday, Week 6, Day 2. I totally wasn't feeling it, and I quit...I stopped the treadmill and left the gym. Probably shouldn't have, but yesterday I did it and felt better! Tomorrow is another "long run". I am totally using that term quite loosely. I'm not running long miles, but 22 minutes of non-stop running is loooong for me! When I'm finished with C25k, I am planning on doing a virtual 5k! So basically this Word.Wednesday is all about eating my words and some running inspiration!!

Inspirational Quote from Pinterest - Pinspiration! 22 Images to Get You Moving - Shape Magazine - Page 4
Well this is my mantra...

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Last one...
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Happy Running my friends! and be happy this week is almost over!


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