Tuesday, August 12, 2014

C25k...here I go again.

Oh hey! Once again, I've been horrible at this blogging thing...sorry! No excuses, just haven't had any ideas to blog about! Until now!

So a month ago I decided to start C25k, again. I've started it prob two or three times in the past and either my knee started hurting (I had ACL and Medial Meniscus repair in 2009) or I just quit. It's kinda what I do...I'm a quitter. Um, wow, I just put myself on blast. But it's true and I'm nothing short of honest! Now, on important things I don't quit, just things I start and get bored with, ya know, hobbies, diets, bettering myself. See...total honesty! 

I'll start with the fact that I HATE RUNNING! Yes, sorry it's in all caps because that's how I truly feel! But! The past month I've decided that even if I loathe it, I need to do it because it's good for me! Kinda the way I eat oatmeal in the winter...it's warm and I know it'll fill me up and it's good for me! It doesn't taste bad, but it's the texture that I can't handle! So I suck it up and put the good for me meal down the hatch...but I digress! 

In case you don't know what C25k is, it's Couch 2 5k, it'a an app (there's an app for that!)... hence, if you're a couch potato (which I'm not completely) you can do this program and by the end of eight weeks you'll be able to run a full 5k. I just want to semi-enjoy running. I don't know if I'll do a 5k...my knee doesn't hold up well when running on concrete, so most days I stick to the treadmill (boring, I know). I have tried to get outside at least once per week to do my run and I enjoy it...it definitely goes faster. It's just been well over 100 degrees the past few weeks and that means that even super early in the morning it's unbearable! So I'll continue my running on the treadmill and struggle through the runs. 

Week Four, was this past week...well past two weeks because last week I had sinus issues and a headache every day so the gym didn't happen. Which when having one day left of the week to run makes the day you do that run no fun. That day was yesterday, I did my Week 4 Day 3 run after not running for a week...I didn't die, but I thought I was gonna! By week four, you are doing a five minute warm up, three minute jog, one and a half minute brisk walk, five minute jog, two and a half minute brisk walk, repeat the jog/walk and then a five minute cool down. Can I just say that those five minutes are literally the LONGEST five minutes ever!! I've even been turning my phone around so that I can't see how long I have and it still feels like forever! I guess that's what I get running on a treadmill! My music usually gets me through the 30 minutes...I have a workout playlist, but I need to re-vamp it some, so I've been listening to my praise and worship playlist and basically Jesus gets me through my run! Corny sounding, I know, but it's true! SO true! Listening to the inspirational, upbeat music, hearing TRUTH helps me complete those runs. I also use the time to pray about things...not just "Lord, PLEASE get me through this run", although it does pop up before that last five minute jog! 

Week Five starts tomorrow and I plan to go early and do it, it's supposed to be 68 and nice in the morning, so maybe I'll do it outside. If not, I'm going to the gym early early because I really don't like how crowded my gym gets! Full of meat-head types and I just want to run and lift and not feel like I'm being judged because I want to use the weight machines instead of free weights one day! But that's a whole 'nother post! 

I know a lot of my friends are runners, and I envy their love for running. I'm probably never going to enjoy it, but I will keep up my three days of running even after my C25k is over, because I've seen a difference in how I feel, how my body looks/feels and mainly because I know it's good for me! 

If anyone has any good playlist ideas or ways to pass the time whilst on a treadmill please hook a girl up! 

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