Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Long Time No Post...

I don't really have any excuses...I just haven't been able to blog. Creatively and I've been busy and barely opening my computer at night. (I haven't been busy going on dates or anything, but busy with work...sucks huh?)

Well life slowed down recently and especially this week. My parents and their friends were on vacay last week and at the end of the week my Daddy got sick...flu like symptoms, mixed with his already present COPD, not fun. They came home and Monday morning he went to the doctor, who promptly send him to the ER. He ended up having pneumonia in both lungs... No bueno.

I was ready to drive down to Houston that day, but both Mom and Dad said NO...wait and see what happens. Well they admitted him at like 9:30 Monday night so I packed my back and left Tuesday morning. My poor Daddy sat in the ER for 27 hours!! (Yep, you read that right...27 hours!) Granted he had a room and a tv but still... I got to Houston about 2pm and Mom and I went up and sat in the ER with him until they got him a room. He had loads of friends calling/texting/emailing us and had two friends show up once he got settled. Mom and I left around 8pm and went home to get some sleep ourselves.

I got up this morning and went to the gym (go me!) and then have been here at the hospital since then. My Daddy is going to be fine, thankfully. But this has taught me how grateful I am that I have a job that is flexible and I can work from basically anywhere. It's also taught me that I'm still a Daddy's girl...and man there are a lot of people that love my Daddy!

He's had the nurses in stitches and keeps them laughing, basically like everyone he meets.

Count your blessing people.

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