Sunday, October 12, 2014

Worst ever!

Well, I'm officially the worst blogger ever! Okay, that may be extreme, but when my blog got her make-over I vowed to blog regularly! And just like everything else, I let it get away from me. I read blogs daily, but never click on my own to write. I'm not going to use this time to promise I'll be a better blogger, but I will tell you that I'm going to really try hard to get a few posts a week going! I enjoy blogging, mainly because it's an outlet and I enjoy writing and sharing my thoughts and ideas...even if it's only me and a couple friends that read them! 

When I last left y'all, I was enjoying running...slowly. And I still do, however, I haven't ran in like 3 weeks I think. Did I finish C25k? Nope, but I have a valid excuse. My knee started feeling weird and I consulted my fellow Athletic Trainer friends and as I knew, but just needed someone to tell me, my glutes, hams and quads are weak on my left side (I'm naming her Lefty) and is therefore causing the odd feeling like my knee is dangling. Back up to 2009 when I tore my ACL and had surgery...hence why just my left leg is a loser! I say that lovingly...but she is...she totally sucks and it's pretty much my fault. I didn't rehab her the way I should've and while I exercised on and off the last 5 years, I never ran. Then I just decide to take of running, which was great until I started having to go longer than 20 minutes and then my knee felt like it was flopping all about. To someone with a reconstructed ACL, that is frightening. Take my word for it. 

So since I live right by TCU (my wonderful alma mater, GO Frogs!) I texted my friend and she tested my knee (which was stable and not at all floppy, whew!) and then told me what I knew... Little Lefty was in fact, little and weak. She ordered ever so lovingly told me to get a foam roller, some bands and stretch and work on loosing the muscles that were wound tight and also work on my strength. She said I could continue to run, but to back off it a bit. SO I backed off it completely and haven't even been to the gym. Makes sense right? I've foam rolled once and truth be told, the bands are still in the bag. I know I need to do these things and I want to, but at the same time I don't. 

Alas, I didn't finish my C25k...and it pisses me off! I thought about just doing week 8 to do it and get it over and then back off and get Lefty stronger but that would've been dumb and I would've hated every second. So I quit. After I said I wasn't quitting and I was finally going to complete the program, I still quit. I figure I'll focus on getting Lefty stronger and getting my hips looser and then slowly re-introduce running and start all over. Heck...it may be a lot easier if I'm stronger and looser! I also bought a barre workout dvd (don't judge me). I had a groupon a while ago for Barre class and I LOVED it!! But it's crazy expensive so I figured...why not buy a dvd and I need to maybe actually take the cellophane off it and do it. 

Well, this has turned long and I'm basically just whining and giving excuses, so I'll wrap it up. I could definitely use some butt-kicking  encouragement to get to the gym and do my workout! So feel free to hold me accountable! :)

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