Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Workout Gear!

As I'm trying to amp up my workouts {by amp up, I mean just actually get my butt out of bed, off the couch, out of the car and move!} I don't know about y'all, but when I get new workout clothes, a new water bottle, or even just some fun workout gadget it really motivates me! So I decided to share some of my favs and some of my wish list items!


I have two things that bother me when I workout, my boobs! {Sorry, no easy way around that one} A good sports bra is a MUST for moi! I have a couple that I really like! I recently went to Lululemon for the first time and found one I really liked and while it says it's light support, I find it very supportive! 
Energy Bra

I also love the Nike Pro sports bra!

Enough with the tatas... let's move to pants! I'm not a fan of working out in shorts, so while I have a bunch of Nike shorts, I use them for running errands or lounging. I hate to be on a Lululemon spree, but these capris have pretty much changed my life!

Wunder Under Crop*Roll Down

I got a Polar F6 years ago and LOVE it! I love watching my heart rate and love that it gives me a pretty accurate calorie burn reading! I couldn't find a picture of it on their website, as it's an old model, but this one is pretty!

I'm an avid water drinker, so a cute water bottle is a must!
Tervis Tumbler


Everyone  A few people I know have Fitbits, Jawbone Ups, Nike Fuel bands...and I want something like that! My mom and I had a convo about it last weekend and she was all "That's a waste of money". Then she sends me an e-mail last night saying, "do you want one of these?"

I mean, it's purple {check}, it does everything the other bands do {check}, PLUS it can be used with a heart rate strap {check}!! So I said oh yeah!! I do! It's a Garmin and doesn't do GPS tracking, but I'm okay with that because let's me honest, I'm not gonna be going on any long runs! ha!

I haven't even talked about tennis shoes! By the way, do you call them tennis shoes or sneakers?! I almost typed sneakers and thought no, that sounds funny! I wear Nike Air Pegasus+29 tennis shoes that I found on clearance on Nike.com and I actually love them! I have two pair! I like neutral sole shoes because I tend to supinate and can't find a good pair that work better than neutral shoes! So I'm looking to y'all for some good recommendations. I'm not going to be running very much, basically doing cross training, weight lifting and some good cardio stuff. What do y'all like? Also, I'm not looking to spend a small fortune! :)

What are y'alls favs and wishes?

Ps. I am trying to get better about logging into MyFitnessPal, so feel free to friend me on there and we can cheer each other on!

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