Friday, April 18, 2014

Five on Friday!

Good Morning Lovies!

Decided to link up again this Friday, since it's been awhile! 

So here we go!!

I'm going home for Easter this weekend, actually, I'm leaving in about 3 hours! I'm really excited! I love Easter and all that entails! My mom goes way overboard on holidays, she sent me the menu this week and I.Cannot.Wait! Let's just say my free day from my clean eating will be Sunday! I'm also looking forward to visiting my church at home and getting to celebrate our risen King with my Journey Church Fam!!

My sweet forever friend Kacee and I started something new this past Sunday, we send each other a list of prayers and we spend the week praying over these for each other. Some of the prayers have already been answered and it's awesome to see how praying works! If you ever have anything you want prayed over, shoot me an e-mail and I'll add you to my prayer list!

This sounds minuscule but it really has been a huge blessing for me and given me peace. There are some days where I am gone almost 12 hours and it's just not fair for my pups {who are my children} to be stuck in the house without a chance to go potty, or play. Enter in Petsmart Doggie Day Camp! Yep...it's like day care for your dogs! They go in a pack of dogs and play all day! They come home worn out and I get a Pawgress report{see what they did there?} about who they played with, if they ate, slept and anything else I need to know. The first couple times they went, they were nervous, I was nervous, my two do not get along with other dogs very well...but shockingly they do great with the other dogs!! Which means it's me that they protect when I'm around and another dog approaches! They went yesterday and apparently had a blast...they slept all night and are currently sleeping again! Jackie took over the slide and remained queen of all! ha!

I have had some incredibly sweet patients this week! Well, one carried over from last week, but she's still super sweet and told me when she is feeling better she wants me to come up and go to Downtown McKinney to shop and have lunch! I mean, come on! The other sweet lady was so nervous and I spent extra time with her because I knew she was scared and she was quite intriguing! She's a pianist and had THREE pianos in her den...I was in heaven! She promised to give me a concert when I come to pick up her machine in a month and I'm going to hold her to it!

I've been doing the 30 day Green Smoothie Challenge and it's going well! I also am doing a 6 week challenge through my Revolt facebook group...it's not going as well. We have a list of things we must do every day and this week has been a struggle for me on the food end. The exercise is an issue because now that I don't have to be up at a certain time I can't seem to get my lazy butt up early enough for a morning workout! So I'm looking forward to next week and it being better than this week!!

I hope y'all have a Fantabulous weekend and a Blessed Easter!!

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