Monday, February 24, 2014

Monday... and a weekend recap!

I don't know about you, but I'm not a huge fan of Mondays {really haven't met anyone who is!}! However, I'm feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the week ahead! This past weekend I was busy, but satisfying and restful! The church I've become a member at had a youth retreat, Battle of the Sexes, and while I couldn't be a leader {having no family up here to take care of the pups does have a down side}, so I volunteered where I could. I headed registration and then helped hand out lunch the next day. I plan on beginning to work with the youth soon! I really miss interacting with kids and I'm pretty sure this is exactly what God had in mind when I first visited the church and I'm excited to start!

I've been going to church services on Saturdays lately, and I rather enjoy it! I love having my Sundays free to sleep in, get chores done and just really do whatever I please! The service this weekend was phenomenal!  We're doing a series on Sex, Love and Marriage and I really think if more young people heard the truth and knew God's words on said topics, maybe, just maybe they would feel better about themselves! Also, it was crazy to realize just how much the media and the world twists how sex, love and marriage should be viewed!

We've had some seriously fabulous weather...fear not, it's supposed to be cold again this week! I'm so over the cold...I HATE it! HATE it! And I don't hate many things! Since the weather has been so nice, I decided to stop by Lowe's and grab some tomatoes and bell pepper plants!  I'm hoping they'll survive and I'll have veggies by May!

When I started my blog, I participated in a Five for 5 on Mondays. We set weekly goals and updated them every Monday! I think since then, it hasn't been kept up, but I figured I'd start out my weeks by making goals again!

I really need to plan my time during the week better! I need to start getting up and hitting the gym in the mornings and utilizing my time wisely. I also need to start getting in The Word daily, preferably in the morning to start my day off right! So I really only have two goals this week, workout and dig into my Bible.

This post is quite all over the place, and I'm sorry for that! I promise to also plan my posts accordingly and I'm trying to remember how to put pictures from my phone in my posts as well! Hope y'all all have a fabulous Monday!!


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