Monday, October 21, 2013


Oh hey! Yes, I'm still here...as it's said, life happened. I have seriously been MIA and while I've been reading blogs I just haven't been blogging. I haven't really had the drive to write and honestly have been going through a lot since August. 

I'll start with the BIG news! I'm changing jobs and moving to Fort Worth! It's been a long time coming if I'm going to be honest about it. I've always wanted to go back to Fort Worth and while my work situation was stressful last year and honestly the last couple of years, this year has taken a turn for the worse.
I've had trouble with a coworker whom I should have no trouble with and whom should respect and treat my judgements of athletic injuries with respect...yet I've done nothing but struggle with this person this year. Let's just say I reached a breaking point and KNEW I needed out and I needed out asap!
I began praying and finding peace in the fact that there was obviously a reason I was going through these trials and God was working on a bigger better plan! And boy oh boy was He!! My friend, Kacee works for an orthopedic bracing company and has been keeping an eye and ear out for jobs for me the last couple of years. The morning after my breaking point, I was driving to school praying that something would come up and that God would close the doors of my current situation so that I knew that it was time to move on to something different. He was already slamming doors left and right and as I'm crying, praying all the way to work (I was loathing going to work, however I was headed to Fort Worth that Friday evening and that was all that was getting me through the week) Kacee called and said, " I think I found  job for you!" Literally as soon as the words came out of her mouth, I KNEW I was leaving my current job. I could've walked in a resigned that day I was that certain. The weekend came and I met with her friend who was looking for help in Fort Worth, the meeting went really well and it just cemented my thoughts. I didn't want to jump the gun and be cocky, so I kept praying and asked a few close friends to pray about it. I had an interview and they offered me the job! It's  one of the biggest blessings ever!
I am going to get to continue helping people and making a difference in people's lives. It's going to be a completely different dynamic and I'm seriously so excited for this new adventure. And God has been so so so faithful and His grace is abundant! I've grown so close to my Heavenly Father and am renewed in my walk with Him daily!
I'll definitely be blogging more as I move, get settled and start my life in Fort Worth!
Telling my co-workers and more importantly my athletes was the hardest! Some co-workers are very supportive and others have just completely written me off (and really I'm okay with this). I told my Softball girls first, as I got very close with them last year when we made the run to State! That was probably one of the scariest moments ever...I was so nervous telling them and they were crushed but are excited because they can follow me on twitter come November 15th! (Silver lining people sliver lining!) I told a select group of football kiddos and let it trickle down. They are pretty upset but totally see it as a good move for me! They all are so worried that I'm single and tell me I need to find a man (DUH! Tell me something I don't know!)
So I'm counting down the days...getting the house on the market this weekend and hopefully will have it sold in a few weeks!
This has been super lengthy and turns out the only thing that's been going on lately is that I'm getting my house ready, packing and trying to find a place to live!
I started this post on Friday, and it's now Monday, I spent the weekend getting the house in tip-top shape and Mom showed it twice and one already has given an offer and I've accepted it!{yes...you read that correctly...I sold my house!!} Didn't even have to put it on the market! Gotta love how God works in amazing ways and put everything in place so that it all works out!!

So there it all is, I got a new job, am moving to Fort Worth and just sold my house! It's super exciting and scary all at the same time! I'll keep you updated on how everything goes!


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